Our parents

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by Mick Casey

This Story is About Our Parents & How Both of My Parents are Heroes.

We all give out & compete about our parents but when one or both of them get sick – the whole family really pull together to help out & put all their defences aside. Some families fall out over a silly row, money etc & never make up – even when a family member get ill. At the moment my own father is very ill & is in hospital – all defences are put to one side & we all pulled together, we take it in turns to look after the animals at home & go up to the hospital but my mother is the one dad wants there by his side, mum is great – it’s a comfort to dad knowing that she is there – even she couldn’t do anything for him & she feel so helpless – she is there by his side to hold his hand which means a lot to him, we go up but she is the one he wants there – she is his rock & in my eyes, mum is a hero – dad is also a hero because for all that he have been through & going through. Even the friends & neighbours are being great by ringing, giving a hand with looking after animals & with lifts up & down from cork hospital – everybody has really pulled together – family, friends & neighbours! There were rows & lots of them but at the end of day – we were there for each other.

When you are in trouble, ill or down on your luck – you really know who your friends & neighbours are!

What Heroes

When dad is laying there
As weak as a kitten
A hero comes along
With the strength to carry on
And that hero is mum

She don’t know her own strength
& feels that her faith is failing
When an angel comes along & whispers
Keep your faith – you are doing great

Day after day - she is there
Wishing him – talking to him
Holding his hand
But she feels so helpless

She is the only one he wants
& to have her there
Means so very much to dad

Now Dad is so negative
Ready to throw in the towel
& losing his faith a bit
He is like a breaking man

Nobody knows what it's like
For him to be so weak
Too weak to get up

Some days – it takes all of him
Just to speak one word
Thinking there will be no tomorrow
Losing all hope of seeing home

There are two heroes here

Mum who is there
Being at his side
Saying to herself
Will this ever end?


Dad who is so brave
Trying to keep going
He will survive this
Because he is my dad
& he is a hero